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Making your life count in October; 35 dos and donts

So it's the end of September 2016 today?awwwwh how time flies and days rolled by so fast, thereby, making my birthday come faster. Lolz

Five lessons recession has taught me

Who agree with me that Nigerians play too much ? This recession season would have been more critical if we weren't Nigerians.
So, i was at my customer's place the other day to buy ororo(groundnut oil) and the woman told me the price.

She is my woman

One of the reasons why i helplessly fell in love with my hubby was how he showed whoever care to listen, that, he is proud of me. How he showed me that no matter how i look he is always proud that i am his.

How to react to a rumor

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Rumor according to world book dictionary, is a story or statement talked of as news without any proof that it is true, it's a general talk not based on definite knowledge.

Growing, the key to greatness

An individual with a winning attitude is the one who always leaves room for growth in every area of his life. Growing, is one key to greatness that cannot be overemphasized.


Mr. Peter had a job interview to attend at 10am but his wife developed complications at 9am.

He decided to take the wife to the hospital and leave for the interview thereafter but on their way to the hospital, the taxi broke down. It was already 10:30am before he could get another taxi.

Dear Gloria, i was raped by a friend

Dear Gloria,
Good day ma"m i do hope this mail get to you in good health. I have been a follower of your blog especially on the letter segment and i can say you are really rendering a good service to the confused like me.

Six things you didn't know about me

Hey guys how are you doing? Hope your week hasn't been as stressful as mine? . So today, am going to be saying some things about me i feel you should know. Yes! i know this is long overdue post but didn't they say that,  "better late than never"?.

Abeg enjoy reading joor..